Corals and Anemones

Corals and Anemones

Corals and anemones can make a great addition to a marine aquarium, however they do require a lot of work and maintenance. To survive they require good water flow, good lighting, high oxygen levels, stable conditions and a relatively mature tank.

When looking at getting coral you can choose either hard or soft corals. Soft corals require specialized care but are easier to look after than hard corals. These are among the hardest organisms to keep happy, they require calcium supplements as they absorb this and other minerals to build on their hard ‘skeleton’.

Anemones tend to be more ‘picky’ than corals as they move if they’re not happy where they have been put.

When adding them, how much room you have in your tank needs to be considered as the anemones can grow rather large and their ‘sting’ is dangerous for other corals