Dogs make great companions. They love unconditionally when given the right care and will become a valued member of your family. Dogs enjoy exercise and so walking them and giving them space to run/play is very important. They are happy on a commercial diet. There are many options including dry, wet and raw food all of which are available in store. They do require grooming, such as brushing and washing but if done regularly these are not too difficult. As such, getting a dog is an important decision. You need to consider if your lifestyle will be suitable. If it is, then a dog will be great addition to your home.


We do not sell puppies instore, as per the PIAA guidelines.

If you are looking for a new furr-ever friend, we recommend you contact our local rescue organisations and enquire about who they have available for adoption.

We have two local animal welfare organisations in Albany. We have included a link to their contact details below

Great Southern Animal Protection

Albany Animal Welfare: