Hermit Crabs

Hermit Crabs

Hermit Crabs make the perfect first pet for a younger child or even an adult. Whilst being very easy to look after they are also very interactive and entertaining, you could watch them for hours as they scurry across the sand, climb ornaments go for a paddle in their salt bath or nibble on some food they are always busy doing something and making you laugh. Hermit crabs are a great pet especially for those who have a small backyard or live in a small unit/apartment as they don’t take up a lot of space.


We have different sizes of hermit crabs available in store, what size hermit crab you choose will depend on the size of the enclosure you have and how confident you are holding a large hermit crab. We recommend starting with a few small hermit crabs so you become used to handling them and you can watch them grow.



Prices for hermit crabs start from $6.00 and go up in price depending on size and whether or not their shell is painted or a more natural shell. We have everything you would possibly need to start up your hermit crab enclosure. We also have a wide range of habitats for you to choose from to house your hermit crab.


If you want information on how to look after hermit crabs follow the link below:


If you’re wanting more information on these awesome little creatures please see one of our friendly staff members at Head to Tail Pets and they will be able to give you a hand.