We are now stocking all sorts of creepy crawlies. Both Stick Insects and Invertebrates make awesome pets. They are reasonably easy to look after and are very entertaining, please note we do not stock any highly venomous invertebrates. See below for a list of what we commonly have in store:

Stick Insects

Stick Insects make awesome pets, not only are they extremely easy to look after they also aren’t expensive. These peculiar pets are fascinating, educational and interactive. They can be handled but do so with care as their feet are very sticky and may stick to your hand, you’ll need to gently remove the insect to ensure you don’t pull off their legs. A stick insects diet consists of Eucalyptus or Acacia leaves. Some species also eat Rose leaves and Wattle leaves. You’ll need to Mist-spray the leaves once a day, the stick insect then drinks the droplets off the leaves. Their life span is approximately a year but can sometimes life longer.

Stick insects prefer an enclosure that is higher than it is wide, this is due to them liking to climb upwards. The enclosure should be in a spot where they’ll get some daylight but also shouldn’t be in direct sunlight. Their cage ideally should be made from mesh this helps to ensure the enclosure will have plenty of ventilation. We can order appropriate enclosures in for your stick insect if required and often already have some in stock to choose from.

There are over 200 species of stick insects in Australia, unfortunately we can’t have every single species in stock. Please see below for what we commonly have in store/can regularly order:



 These hairy creatures are becoming increasingly popular amongst pet owners. This is due to how fascinating they are, whether they are digging to create burrows or making webs these peculiar pets will give you hours of entertainment. Spiders are also purchased to sometimes help particular individuals over come their fear of spiders (arachnophobia).

Spiders are very easy to look after and require very little up keep and once purchased are cheap to care for. Spiders can be purchased as either a sling (baby) which are generally 3-5 milometers in length, this can differ depending on species, some slings can be bigger or smaller than that. Sub adults and adults which range in size 70-220 milometers, once again this depends on the species. Spiders can live up to 8-10 years old.

A spiders diet mainly consists of Woodies or Crickets, depending on how large the spider is you’ll need to feed according to this. For example a small jumping spider will eat very small woodies or pin head crickets whereas a large tarantula will need larger crickets/woodies.  We don’t recommend handling spiders, this is due to them being temperamental and easy to accidentally drop.

We stock suitable habitats, substrates and food for Spiders in store.


‘Selenotypus Champagne Robustus Tarantula’


For more information on these little critters, feel free to come in store and have a chat to one of our friendly staff members.