It’s a Dogs Diet

It’s a Dogs Diet

There are so many options when it comes to picking a diet for your dog. It should depend on their life stage (age), activity level and what will fit in best with your daily routine.

Food Quality

The quality of the food and the ingredients it is made up of is important because their diet is their primary source of nutrients.  If you want to know the quality of your food look at the ingredients. They are listed by weight and meat should be the primary ingredients. They should identify what it is, i.e chicken or beef not ‘meat’ which can be anything. Specific foods are much better because you know what you’re getting.

You can also feed your dog a raw diet, BARF. Biologically Appropriate Raw Food is based on what your dog would eat in the wild. It has raw meat, fruit, vegetables & bones (crushed). It is still convenient to feed and you know your pet is getting everything it should.

No matter what you feed… Raw, biscuits, tinned food, rolls etc. it is important to look at the ingredients and know what they are eating. Their food is what keeps them happy & healthy and allows them to live a long life.

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